Radio Sentinel is the new name since 1999 of a radio station called Radio Liberte for which the Haitian government has granted to Osner H Fevry its founder-owner, in the form of an operating license, an exploitation which dates back to November 6, 1979, recorded at the secretary of state of the Interior and National Defense by the code D6 - 256.

Radio Sentinelle 93.9 Fm is a private Haitian broadcasting company with a sole proprietorship, a commercial vocation, and a cultural and religious character, whose exploitation is authorized all over the national territory by concession of  the government.

This concession was granted to its founding owner Mr. Osner H Fevry, and dated back in November 6 1979, with the Ref D-6: 256 and D-6257 of the SEIDN, and registered in CONATEL.

The frequency 93.9 mhz is used in accordance with the article 60 of the Press Decree.

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